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K&F Show #171: 2020 Even Killed Darth Vader; Dukes of Hazzard S5E20 Review “Big Brothers, Duke”

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Pop Culture: Darth Vader has died! Well, David Prowse did…and he was the 6’7″ bodybuilder who was the man behind the suit.

Dukes Rview: Finally, proof that Bo and Luke are so much better. At everything. This is the episode where Bo and Luke decide to become “Big Brothers” to a troubled youth in need. Then the “youth” (who was played by an actor four years older than John Scnheider) steals the General Lee, finds some stolen money, and Boss Hogg keeps him from getting murdered (really). Bo hoots at women, Luke is snarky, the stunts are fantastic, Al Wyatt wags the tail of the General, Coy and Vance are no more, and all is right with the world. 8 Corndogs.

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