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Robert Kibbe
Robert is the owner and creator of The MuscleCar Place. His passion for muscle cars drove the creation of this site and the podcasts that go with it.
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Rob’s Mid 2013 Update: I’m Not Rich Yet (but I’m Working On It), I’ve Finally Started Racing, and the $100,000 Podcast Show Continues!

Posted by on May 31, 2013 with 0 Comments

My son Dallas and I cruising in the back of “Uncle Greg’s” truck at my favorite car show of the year (the GoodGuys Heartland Nationals during July 4th in Des Moines, IA).

Well, it’s been just about forever since I’ve had a chance to update my personal blog, and more than a few of you have reminded me of that. Thanks for the push. Truth be told, writing this blog is something I really like doing (even though I’m terribly slow at it – this post took me 5 days to complete), mostly because it helps give me the perspective I need to realize just how great I have it – and to not complain to my wife about things that aren’t going my way. With that said….

The most popular post that I’ve ever written on this blog was one I did at the end of 2011, recapping my first year of being self employed. It was titled “Rob’s 2011 Year In Review: I Quit My Job, A Miracle Happened, and (Sort of) Made a Fortune!” Since writing that a lot of things have changed, a few of which were directly related to writing that post. As such I thought I’d give a little recap of what’s happened since then. Here goes!

1) I’m Not Rich Yet (but I’m Working On it)….OR, and This Is Still Harder Than I Thought It Would Be!


One of the coolest parts about having your own automotive business is that going to a NASCAR racing experience is a tax deductible expense. Seriously. This was taken at the Iowa Speedway in July of 2012.

I’ll admit (even though I don’t want to) that by this point in my business adventures that I thought I’d be rich by now, with my business on auto-pilot, choosing only to work on the things that interested my fancy, playing with my kids at night without a nagging through in my mind, and starring in automotive TV shows and commercials where I’d drift the General Lee around an ice cream truck for some yet-to-be-named reason. At the time of this writing none of those have happened yet, but I have faith that by continuing to chunk forward and putting in the work that the right opportunity will hit (even the General Lee one).

Since 2011 my sources of income have not changed a great deal, though the numbers behind them have thankfully increased a bit. I still split my time between owning and operating classifieds website, hosting sponsor supported podcast shows, and handling the Business Development activities for a local diesel fuel injection start-up company (which I have a knack for, it turns out). It’s still a really tough balance. I’m finally to the point where doing cold calls no longer scare the pants off my me (just my underwear), nor am I as heartbroken when the “deal” that I knew needed to be put together ended up fizzling out before it ever really started. I’ve learned that’s just part of the game. I’m still not really used to it, but I can now at least stomach it. You have to pay to play, right?


Bernie McPartland – TMCP Producer, NASCAR Fan, and Fashion Aficionado

Perhaps the best change over the past year and a half though is the addition of a few key people to my business that have really helped me grow – and that are just really fun to work with.

My pal Bernie McPartland is a professional audio production engineer in Texas and now does all show production for every chunk of audio that we create. Bernie is awesome at what he does, thinks 10 steps ahead of me, and is a pretty funny guy to boot. He’s also a ’66 Chevelle owner, so he has that going for him….which is nice.

Scott Stap is a buddy from Michigan who was handles all show write-ups (you likely have seen his name and mug as an author on many pieces here). Scott listens to all of the interview a week in advance, does the write up, and cracks me up in the process. He’s also a ’69 Charger owner!


Scott and his ’69 Charger. I think he’s happy in this picture. Can’t be sure, though.

Last, but certainly not least, my assistant extraordinaire Darren Johnson has taken on everything from bookkeeping to social media management to affiliate income generation.

Darren Johnson

Darren Johnson – he’s a student by day, runs TMCP by night, and will probably make Michael Dell and Bill Gates look like chumps in a few years.

Darren was the first person on board (starting in 2011, actually), but his role has grown significantly these past 18 months. Did I mention that he’s a honors student at the University of Nebraska, and that I wouldn’t be surprised if he launched a billion dollar business out of his dorm room?

I was going to mention Darren’s car next….but it’s a Honda Civic. Please know that it gets great mileage, and in Darren’s mind it’s just the first step towards a ’69 ‘Vette.

I definitely love working on a team, and I wish I had had it in the beginning! As a cool aside, I met both Bernie and Scott through the podcast show before we started working together  (they were listeners), and my wife actually recruited Darren for me while chatting with his mother at a local home-schooling conference.

2) I Finally Got To Start Racing – “Professionally!”


My first “office” of the day at the BFGoodrich Rival tire debut in January 2013. I didn’t turn the quick lap times that this Mustang deserved, but it sure was fun. That was my first experience ever on a road course.


A shot of my pal Larry Callahan taken at the Optima Faceoff event at Road America (in Wisconsin) in June of 2012. Larry and I co-host the podcast together. A word of advice to ANYONE in our industry: get to know Larry well. He’s connected to everyone and he’s one of the sweetest guys in the world. I really love getting to work with him.

If you’ll recall from my 2011 post, one of my major dreams in this business is still to (somehow) find a way to professionally race cars….even though I’m nearly 38 ago years old, have no real experience, and am semi-balding.

A few months ago I finally got my start and was able to join Larry Callahan (my co-host of the podcast) at the BFGoodrich Rival Tire debut at the NOLA Motorsports Park. While there our “job” was to thrash autocross, skidpad, and road course cars to evaluate the new BFGoodrich tire. While you can read about the full details in my post about it, the coolest thing about the entire experience was that it was a comp’d promotion, meaning I didn’t actually have to pay to go. So…I’m considering it my first paid racing gig!

3) I’m Still Chasing the Dream….But Maybe Helping Others Reach Theirs Is More Important (aka – The $100,000 Podcast Continues)

Without a doubt, the biggest thing that had come from launching my first business was that I helped to inspire Jeff Allison (a MuscleCar Place podcast show listener and someone whom I had never met) to follow his dream and to start his own restoration shop. As an even crazier turn of events he offered to restore my personal ’64 Chevelle for me free of charge; he’d handle the labor as a gift if I were willing to supply the parts. While I’ll let you read the full details about it here, in the end he was offering me a $100,000 (plus) gift….all because of a connection we made through my podcast show.

As a result of that experience, last year (in 2012) I decided to launch a new podcast show called “Cars For A Living.” My thinking was that there might be more people out there like Jeff, and the power of a podcast show would be the best way to find out. The intent of the show was to go further into the business side of things and tackle all of the really tough questions I’ve heard and have been asked about what it takes to “make it” in the automotive aftermarket, restoration, and racing industry. With that, I wanted to go out and ask everyone in industry who really had “made it” how they had pulled it off, gather the lessons learned, and pass that on to the masses.


A shot from Dan and I’s first in-person C4AL interview together. We interviewed John Hotchkis, live at his shop in Los Angeles. From left to right in the picture is me, John, and Dan.

I was no more than 2 episodes into the show when a guy named Dan Kahn contacted me about it, asking if he could help in some way. He had read my 2011 Recap blog, was himself was an entrepreneur in the industry, and had started his PR and Media company (Kahn Media) a few years prior. Like me he had a young family, a passion for helping people chase their dreams, was excited by new business ideas, and dug Star Trek almost as much as he did muscle cars. We talked for a few hours on the phone, struck up an instant friendship, and he joined the show in Episode #3. We haven’t looked back since, and the it’s really taken off.

(Just as a quick aside, I really must brag a bit about Dan. His company, though just a few years old has really become the “go to” PR, Social Media, and Marketing company in our industry. He’s truly great at his craft, has built an incredible team, and is a phenomenal business and family man!). The way his mind works during our shows together amazes me. I’m so glad that we get to work together on C4AL – I really think that together we’ll be able to help a lot of people.)

While the future of Cars For A Living (C4AL) is still to be written, we did launch a new website for the podcast show last fall ( and have over 30 episodes of the show in now. We’re also now ready to add on several new items to help people in a more one-on-one way than just the podcast show. It’s definitely an exciting time! I hope to have future updates here for you about what’s happened as a result of C4AL, but for now just know that we’re having a ton of fun – and that I hope we’re really helping people.

Wrapping it All Up

Believe it or not, I have a few other really cool projects in the fire that I was planning to share here, but since this post is getting plenty long I think I’ll end it here. I’ve included a few random shots of things that happened throughout the year, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t start with the most important thing in my life with you – my family! Here’s a little picture adventure from the last 18 months for your enjoyment!

Here’s hoping that the rest of 2013 is fun and exciting for us all.

-Robert Kibbe


My family and I at the 2012 VEISHEA Parade. I always play in the Alumni drumline. From left to right, Dallas, Laura, Noelle, me, and Emily. If you’re wondering what the “30” means on my drum, it’s just a banner that notates our position in the parade (so that the announcers read the right script).


3 good buddies of mine, taken during the 2012 SEMA Show. Bernie McPartland (TMCP Show Producer), Danny Giustino (owner of Muscle Express), and Jeff Allison (Allison Customs).


My pal Ryan Chernekoff, taken at the SEMA 2012 show. Ryan and Danny Giustino work together at Muscle Express. Look for some incredible things from both Ryan and Danny in the near future. The have something special planned that I can’t wait to share!

My pal Aaron Tjaden and I, somewhere in Colorado. After picking up some Chevelle parts at Allison Customs we clobbered 3 free range cows while driving home. We sold his truck for $2500 and came in a U-Haul.

My pal Aaron Tjaden and I, somewhere in Colorado. After picking up some Chevelle parts at Allison Customs we clobbered 3 free range cows while driving home. We sold his truck for $2500 to the tow truck driver and came home in a U-Haul.

Chuck Hanson and I at the final Chevellabration event in 2012. In person He sounds EXACTLY like his does on TV.

Chuck Hanson and I at the final Chevellabration event in 2012. In person He sounds EXACTLY like his does on TV.

My newest brother-in-law Mark and I went to the 2012 Chevellabration event together. While there we decided to order my dad's favorite drink (a Manhattan - UP) at the bar. It's not good.

My newest brother-in-law Mark and I went to the 2012 Chevellabration event together. While there we decided to order my dad’s favorite drink (a Manhattan – UP) at the bar. It’s not good.

A final rendering shot of my Chevelle. If all goes to plan, we'll debut the real thing at SEMA 2013.

A final rendering shot of my Chevelle. If all goes to plan, we’ll debut the real thing at SEMA 2013.

My kids Emily and Dallas and the famous "blue race car." If anyone knows where to get spare rear tires for an electric Power Wheels car, I'm all ears.

My kids Emily and Dallas and the famous “blue race car.” If anyone knows where to get spare rear tires for an electric Power Wheels car, I’m all ears.

Still my reason to succeed! Here's the entire Kibbe Clan at Valendinte's Day Dinner 2013. Two "Dallas's" are on the left (my dad and son), Noelle is in the middle, and Laura and Emily are on the right.

Still my reason to succeed! Here’s the entire Kibbe Clan at Valentine’s Day Dinner 2013. Two “Dallas’s” are on the left (my dad and son), Noelle is in the middle, and Laura and Emily are on the right.


I’ll close out with this picture. In July of 2012 I went stock car racing with my good friends Scott Petersen (left), Steve Smyth (in the hat), and bro-in-law Mark (far right). Scotty passed away a few months after this picture was taken. We all still miss him dearly.

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