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K&F Show #68

The Podcast Finnegan Has Been Waiting For All His Life: Our Full Review of “Two Lane Blacktop”

Posted by on April 26, 2018 with 0 Comments







Episode 68

Welcome to Episode #68 of the Kibbe and Finnegan show! If you’re new to the show, Mike Finnegan and I have taken our Dukes of Hazzard fandom and turned it into a full fledged automotive podcast Gong Show of sorts, completed with a full episode review from The Dukes of Hazzard. It’s every 40-year-old’s dream, right?





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Two Lane Blacktop


Before I give the movie review, I’m happy to announce that we are now into our second week of being LIVE on Patreon! Thank you so much to those of you who chose to support the show directly, and we promise to use all funds to continue building the show you want and the one we love to make. We have also figured out what we’re going to do for Patreon supporters and you’ll hear about in an upcoming episode.  You can go hear to add to the mix:  Thank you again!!

Finnegan’s ’55 Chevy gasser “Blasphemi”

In this episode of the show we finally reviewed the movie Two Lane Blacktop, a movie that Finnegan’s been wanting to hit since we started. Without a doubt this is the last piece of the cinematic puzzle that makes Mike…well, Mike. It’s a movie that has clearly influenced him greatly not because it’s a fantastic comedy or anything, but because it’s about two guys running the country in a homebuilt gasser ’55 Chevy. In their lives that’s all there is, it’s all they need, and all they want. Or is it? Along with way they pick up a random hitchhiker girl who (like the two guys) has no apparent backstory and no dreams going forward. They race an older guy – cross country – in a ’70 GTO Judge who is as philosophical as he is total crackpot wacko.

There’s a ton a dialogue in this movie, yet there’s nearly none at the exact same time. This was done in the era of movie making where sometimes the plot and meaning was a secret known only to the writer and director…and Finnegan freaking loves it. In fact he loves it so much that his favorite car ever is a ’55 Chevy gasser named Blasphemi. Kibbe has decided that the psyche of Finnegan is made up of a very simple equation, and once you understand it you’ll have unlocked the key to Mike’s brain, soul, and car:

Two Lane Blacktop + Better Off Dead + The Dukes of Hazzard + Spaceballs = Mike Finnegan





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Dream Board Update: Goals to Accomplish Before Episode 200


Coca Cola Corporation take note. This is how awesome sponsoring our show would be. Even when driving Ferrari F-430 race prepped track cars Kibbe can only think about how refreshing a Diet Coke would be.

1. Get Diet Coke to Sponsor us….or just Kibbe. FAILED

2. Be characters in the Disney/Pixar movie, Cars 3. Finnegan is the General. Kibbe…is wishing he was the General. FAILED.

3. Syndicate the show onto TV and radio, having awesome guests in studio, with Dale Earnhardt Jr. on regularly to be our best friend.

4. Get John Schneider himself on the show with us. Pray to God he actually likes us and isn’t freaked out. FAILED

5. Blow up the podcast so that it becomes a regular weekly show, interviewing celebrities, and actually providing a living for us capable of allowing us to race cars anytime we want plus let our wives get the shoes they like.

6. Get our own studio.

7. We each get a General Lee (real car – not a toy). Kibbe has one!

8. Get a Voiceover Guy to announce the segments.

9. Jump a car together. Kibbe wants to go 30-feet vertical.

10. Make a Dream GL that is based off of a 1973 NASCAR Charger (like the 1/16th scale AMT model)

11. Kibbe needs a new wallet to replace his “George Costanza”.

12. Mike to get a new truck for legit towing. DONE!


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