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Robert Kibbe
Robert is the owner and creator of The MuscleCar Place. His passion for muscle cars drove the creation of this site and the podcasts that go with it.
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  • Low one time fee for a 30 Day Listing: $39
  • Our listings are VERY search engine friendly due to our use Search Engine Optimization... so people can FIND your car!
  • Your listing will be immediately available online for the world to see - no wait time!
  • Include up to 10MB of pictures in your Ad for NO EXTRA FEES!
  • Your listing will be viewed by genuine muscle car fanatics!
  • Are you a classic car dealer selling muscle cars? Contact us here to speak to a member of our Sales team and to discuss our membership rates. Memberships are our BEST VALUE for placing multiple listings! We will migrate in your entire inventory for you for FREE and can automatically maintain your listings to be in sync with your EXISTING company website! Click here for more details!
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The MuscleCar Place Dealer Membership

3 Levels to serve you best!

What is a Dealer Membership at The MuscleCar Place?

A dealer membership at The MuscleCar Place is intended to be used by persons and businesses wishing to list more than 3 cars at any one time. The intent is to offer a more cost effective solution on either a monthly or annual commitment level that will allow you to move in as little – or as much – of your muscle car inventory as you wish. It’s the perfect solution for the dealership that will always have the need to list multiple cars!

Which dealer membership is right for me?

The table below describes the breakdown of the three dealer membership types at The MuscleCar Place. The difference between each type lies in the number of active ads you wish to be seen at any one time. You may load in your entire inventory at any time. If you’d like, we’ll even handle the initial loading for you! Simply choose the Dealer membership type that best suits your needs.

Dealer Membership Type Number of Listings in the “Back Lot” (non-active) Number of Listings in the “Showroom” (active ads) May I move ads between the Back Lot and Showroom?
Unlimited Unlimited Yes! List Unlimited ads in your showroom and rotate with your Back Lot inventory at any time.
Unlimited 20 Yes! List 20 ads in your showroom and rotate with your Back Lot inventory at any time.
Unlimited 5 Yes! List 5 ads in your showroom and rotate with your Back Lot inventory at any time.

What is the cost of each type of membership?

All three levels of membership have been priced specifically to offer a more cost-effective method to list your cars than simply purchasing multiple individual ads. Our MOST cost-effective option is our Gold Membership. All levels of membership are available on either a monthly or annual basis (annual terms offer additional cost savings over monthly terms).

Our Sales staff would be delighted to work with you directly to determine if The MuscleCar Place is a good fit for you. E-mail or call 1-866-356-7261 Extension 1.

What if I don’t see a Membership that fits my needs?

For large volume dealers we offer specialized memberships at deep discounts to get your inventory seen….and we have excellent low-cost packages for smaller dealers as well!  These memberships are available in many configurations and are hand tailored on a case-by-case basis to get the right configuration for you.   E-mail or call 1-866-356-7261 Extension 1 and a Sales Associative will contact you to discuss the details.

What if I need to upgrade – or downgrade – my membership later?

Should the need arise to switch your membership type our Sales staff will be happy to assist. We can change your account type WITHOUT the need to re-load your inventory. E-mail or call 1-866-356-7261 Extension 1 for assistance.

How many times will my car be viewed?

While we can’t predict how many times your particular car will be seen, we do know that once a person visits our site, they view at least 3-4 cars per visit…..and they come back several times a day!

Remember though, it’s not the number of hits that a website gets that dictates the quality of lead you attract, it’s the quality and marketing of the website itself.  Our entire strategy, SEO efforts, and marketing dollars are put forth to attract only the serious niche segment of people that like – and want to buy – muscle cars.  Period.

Why advertise on the internet?  Wouldn’t a magazine be better?

Traditional magazine advertising may never disappear, but it is certainly on the decline.  People have been searching for cars for years on the internet….and now they search for EVERYTHING there (news, sports info, etc.).  The internet is the currently the BEST place to get the most viewership possible to see your inventory – there are hundreds of thousands of searches for muscle cars each month!

In addition, unlike print media, The MuscleCar Place does not have the massive overhead and lag time associated with getting your inventory viewable to the world.  We can get it up, running, and live as soon as you’re ready…..and at price you’ll really like, especially if you’re used to print media rates!  E-mail or call 1-866-356-7261 Extension 1 for details.

Benefits of The MuscleCar Place Dealer Membership Program:

  • No hidden fees. All listings on The MuscleCar Place carry equal weight. You will not be charged an extra fee to run your ad longer than a just a few weeks, add extra pictures, or the like.
  • Upload 10MB of pictures…per ad!
  • Listings run until YOU choose to end them.
  • Statistics! Your Dealer Showroom panel will show you each car that you have listed, how many times it has been viewed, and will show you the number of people that moved on directly to YOUR company website from The MuscleCar Place.
  • Listings can be edited, added, or removed at any time from your Dealer Showroom.
  • Automatic FEED service available to pull directly from your existing website… so that you’ll never have to manually update The MuscleCar Place!
  • No Monthly or Annual Contract required – you may cancel your dealer membership subscription at any time. Your use of The MuscleCar Place will expire upon completion of your last paid-for term (monthly or annual).
  • Support. Should you require assistance with your site or have a problem that needs solving, a support person on our team – here in the U.S. – is standing by to assist.
  • Focused attention. Muscle cars are our one and only specialty. Absolutely everything we do, from our massive Search Engine Optimization program, advertising campaign, syndicated weekly podcast show, Facebook & Twitter integration, weekly newsletter, etc. is focused on helping people that love muscle cars find them…and get your inventory seen by a prospective buyer.