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#60 The Return of Hughie Hogg – S3 Episode 18 of the Dukes of Hazzard

It finally happened. Somehow, some way, today is the first day in K&F Show history that we’ve had two actual real advertisers in the same show. It’s epic. And it involves underwear and books too (and maybe even books about underwear).

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DUKES REVIEW: For this show, it’s all about a new story for an old bad guy. Do you remember who Hughie Hogg is? Hughie is Boss Hogg’s nephew who is effectively a younger, greedier version of Boss. Boss brings him into town from time to time to get his help framing the Dukes, pull heists, and groom him for future evil deeds. Now you’re up to speed. This episode mostly revolves around Hughie tricking Boss into giving him all of his possessions in order to avoid an IRS audit. As soon as Hughie has everything he wanted he renames the town after himself and establishes a world that kind of resembles that one time in Back to the Future II when Biff was powerful in the alternate 1985. Maybe that’s a stretch here, but this is a tough episode to write a witty summary of. Anyway, the IRS audit was just a ruse set up by Hughie in the first place, hijinks ensue, and then the Dukes have to help Boss get out of the mess by working together with he and Rosco. Happy Gilmore’s Grandma has a role in here too. (Really). 

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#59 By-Line, Daisy Duke – S3 Episode 17 of the Dukes of Hazzard

Hello Fresh is tastily back for this episode! They are the magical company that sends you you the fresh ingredients for simple, health, and tasty meals – all to your front door for just a few bucks. Think of it like having all of the benefits of doing the right and healthy things, yet simultaneously allowing you to be lazy, save money, and protect your brain power for the important stuff. Those speed parts aren’t going to research themselves, bro. For $30 off your first week of HelloFresh, visit and enter Promo Code: KAFS30. Thank YOU for supporting us!

DUKES REVIEW: This Dukes episode is the classic tale that’s as old as time itself; predatory lending, tractor thieving, and media manipulation done by powerful people with their own agenda. Other than the tractor part this could basically be the news in every city every day – so real world lessons here! Anyway, Boss has tractors stolen from people he lent money to to buy them, primarily because the original loans were at a low interest rate. Stick with me here. His evil, devious, yet genius plan was to get people the come to him for new loans on new tractors – which would now happen at the new higher interest rates – and allow him to resell them back their SAME tractors. Even more evil brilliant was the fact that he tricked Daisy Duke into falsely reporting to the media that Bo and Luke were behind it, complete with photo evidence. Never trust what you read in the news, kids. The General goes swimming in this one, so that’s cool. Don’t remember many jumps though. 8 Corndogs.

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#58 Our Review of the Movie Groundhog Day. Then We Review Groundhog Day. Rise and Shine Campers, It’s Groundog Day (etc., etc.)

This episode is thankfully, graciously, and mercifully sponsored by the super sweet, saavy, and thrifty people at Bombfell. Bombfell is the genius company that lets you buy great fashion, all online, all with the help of a stylist. Looking good AND avoiding the store has never been easier, and you can return if if you don’t like it. We both tried it, and as hard as it is to think we could ever look better…we did! Check it out and let us know what you think. Visit BOMBFELL.COM/KAFS to get started browsing with our $25 discount! Thank YOU for supporting us!

MOVIE REVIEW: What can we say that you don’t know already about the movie Groundhog Day? As it turns out…plenty, but mostly because it amused us to do so. This is the epic fable of the blessing – or curse – of repeating a day over and over and over again. Bill Murray stars as the Phil the weatherman from Philly, sent to cover Phil the Groundhog from Punxsutawney give his annual weather prognostication. Only for Phil the weatherman, Phil the Groundhog causes him to re-live his day in Punxsutawney over, and over, and over again. He tries to eat, drink, and kill himself every day…but it fails. Only when he starts doing acts of service and kindness do things improve. Then he finds love and gets out of the cycle, conveniently about when the movie is ready to end. It’s fantastic. There’s a Chevy C-20 that bites it at one point too. And an Eldorado drives on train tracks. 10-out-of-10 Corndogs.

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#57 Along Came A Duke – S3 Episode 16 of the Dukes of Hazzard – and Feature Interview with Actor Chris Hensel, Jeb Stuart Duke Himself!

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In this episode of K&F our show review is just a little bit different. Actually, it’s a lot of bit different. Today we did review the episode some…but left the feature of the discussion to our interview with actor Chris Hensel, Mr. “Jeb Stuart Duke” himself. That’s right – we interviewed an actual actor from the Dukes of Hazzard! Want to hear something even zanier than that? His role as Jeb Stuart Duke was going to be for a 7-year run..and he shared all the details of the story. Bazing!

#56 To Catch a Duke – S3 Episode 15 of the Dukes of Hazzard – and Welcome Back Harry’s!

Guess what? Thanks to you our favorite razor company of all time (and that we BOTH use and are customers of) is back! Harry’s Razors. Want to give it a try, and support the show? Claim your FREE TRIAL and go to right now!

Dukes Review: Have you ever seen Animal House? Remember Babs? She’s the bad guy in this episode! Unfortunately that’s about the end of the episode highlights. Anyway, Babs and her bad-guy husband come to Hazzard with some stolen jewels. Somehow the jewels end up in Rosco’s patrol car, Boss thinks he’s in on it, then fires him for not giving him a cut of the take. Shortly thereafter the Dukes get accused of doing the jewel stealing. This of course forces them to team up with Rosco, then get Babs and Mr. Babs to confess their nefarious deeds by terrifying them in a while ride with the General. Boss forgives everyone and the clock resets for the next episode. Feel free to look up Babs on Google or IMDB. You’ll get lost in that one, trust me.