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Robert Kibbe
Robert is the owner and creator of The MuscleCar Place. His passion for muscle cars drove the creation of this site and the podcasts that go with it.
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K&F Show #51 - Thanksgiving Review: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Those Aren’t Pillows!

This Thanksgiving episode is presented by the thing every hostess wants for Thanksgiving: Appreciation and Recognition, all in the form of Flowers. Bonus points if she receives it in front of others that will be insanely jealous! To get 20% off all bouquets of $29 or more, go to, and use our code “KAFS” at checkout!

Planes Trains and Automobiles Review: This is the world most perfectly made buddy movie centered on the topic of Thanksgiving, ever. It stars Steve Martin and John Candy and was written, produced, and directed by the 1980’s move genius, John Hughes. Neil Page (Steve Martin) and Del Griffith (John Candy) are two travel companions unwontedly stuck together when their flight from NYC to Chicago is diverted to Wichita, KS. What happens over the next two days will go down in movie lore as the strangest scene involving butt cheeks, 18 f-bombs in a row at a car rental counter, and a 1986 Dodge 600 convertible that catches fire. It’s comedic genius. Happy Thanksgiving!

K&F Show #50 - State of the County – S3 Episode 11 of The Dukes of Hazzard – and Welcome Harry’s!

In this monumental of K&F episode we are proud to welcome a very monumental show sponsor – Harry’s Razors. Want to give it a try, and support the show? Claim your FREE TRIAL and go to right now!

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. On the flip side of that, sometimes your enemies just want to kill you if you won’t give them your money. In this episode that’s basically the whole plot. Boss Hogg gets pressured by the supreme dictator from a neighboring county who (like Boss Hogg) is also in complete control of every nefarious business action that happens there. Basically, it’s like the mob. Only they respect the county lines of Georgia for some reason. Anyway, the Bad Guy Boss tries to kill the Good Guy Buss by having his handsome hitman Earl come to Hazzard to blow stuff up until the Good Guy Boss relents. Daisy falls in love with Earl on first site and later flips a car to put him in jail. Then the Oak Ridge Boys play a song. The End.

K&F Show #49 - Good Neighbors, Duke – S3 Episode 10 of The Dukes of Hazzard

This episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh! Yes – they’re back! They provide tasty and shockingly healthy meal ingredients, delivered right to your front door. For $30 off your first week visit and enter Promo Code: KAFS30

Dukes Summary: OK. Here’s the deal. This is a solid enough episode and if Dukes comfort food is what you’re after, it’s aces. The thing is….that’s all it is. They can’t all be a great one like a Jude Emery, a Carnival of Thrills, or a Double Dukes. Even Corndog mailed this one in. Anyway, a father and daughter come to Hazzard in the witness protection program. Bounty hunters are after them thinking they’ll recover some stolen diamonds or something. Then the General Lee jumps and Bo and Luke fake the death of the father and daughter to get the bad guys off of their backs for good. The end.

K&F Show #48 - Our Amazing Review of Better Off Dead: Go that Way, Really Fast. If Something Gets in Your Way, Turn!

This episode is sponsored by GREATS, makers of the all-time GREATS — classic, stylish, and comfortable sneakers sold at a great price! Visit – and use the code KAFS on checkout!

OK, if you have never ever seen this movie before, I (Rob) can tell you all you need to know to want to go watch it: this movie is why Finnegan is Finnegan. Seriously. Check it out. Watch the motive and tell me I’m wrong.

That aside, this move is the story if high school shy guy Layne Meyer, and his desire to win back his long lost girlfriend Beth after she dumped him for the Captain of the High School Ski Team. Along the way Layne befriends the french speaking foreign exchange girl, she fixed his awesome ’67 Camaro so he can finally defeat the Asian brothers in a drag race, and Booger from Revenge of the Nerds delivers the classic line that forever changed America, “Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.” Oh, and the kid that wants $2 for deliver papers is in it. And so in Winchester from M*A*S*H. And a hamburger plays Eddie Van Halen’s guitar.

TMCP eBay Pick - 1989 Dodge Shadow SHELBY TURBO

One day each week we’ll list a cool project car or a nice driver for sale here from eBay Motors.  We’ll try to keep the price to a max of $20,000 for full driver cars.  For project cars, no more than $5,000. Visit us every day, or just click the flame to get it via […]