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Robert is the owner and creator of The MuscleCar Place. His passion for muscle cars drove the creation of this site and the podcasts that go with it.
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K&F Show #43 - The Late JD Hogg – S3 Episode 5 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

Due to a hilarious medical error, Boss Hogg thinks he’s dying. He immediately realizes he’s done a ton of greedy evil things in his life, and tries to buy his way into heaven by doing “good deeds” while he can in order to avoid going to Hell. He obviously can’t do that, but it makes for good TV fun. He gives the Dukes their farm, the orphans their orphanage, and the Little League their own…league? Doesn’t matter. The shenanigans really get rolling when he finds out it was all a mistake. And there are bad guys in this one too that should be central to the story, but they really aren’t. The highlight is the cameo by Mr. Belding from “Saved By the Bell”. Solid Hijinks ensue.

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K&F Show #41 - The Hazzardville Horror – S3 Episode 3 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

For those of you that love the “witty banter” portion of this episode, be prepared for everything you’ve ever wanted to know in regards to watching the great Solar Eclipse of 2017, how to correctly launch a drag boat to music, and what count of the clock to look for to step on to the football field if you’re leading a drumline. Also – the triumphant return of the game “Guess Who’s Birthday!

At some point in every great TV show series run they do the holiday episode series. This time around it’s Halloween and it’s all centered around the Haunted House in Hazzard. The house is occupied by a set of small time thieves running a smelting operation in the basement to melt down their stolen silver.  Everything is going great until a pretty girl returns to Hazzard to claim the house from her long lost Uncle. With me so far? Bo & Luke get blamed, the house scares people, and somehow it leads to the General Lee jumping a lake and ending up on a postcard received by hundreds of thousands of kids in the early 1980’s. Boom. Best summary ever! Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #42 - In This Corner, Luke Duke – S3 Episode 4 of The Dukes of Hazzard!….and Meet our First Advertiser Ever, Bombfell!

Guess what? We have a brand new advertiser in this show! Glory be! Better yet, they’re LITERALLY going to help us all look good by dressing in awesome clothes at a great price! Visit BOMBFELL.COM/KAFS to get started browsing with our $25 discount!

Dukes Review: This show has a perfect plot. It starts out with an awesome General Lee jump, and ends with the most epic one ever…with the General going through the ROOF of a second story barn, trapping the bad guys, hurting nary a soul, and bringing the Dukes Boys back to safety. Everything that happens in between is mostly filler. So, here’s the filler: Luke gets blackmailed into boxing a legit fighter in order to pay off a debt to Boss that (if unpaid) will cost the Dukes the farm. Again. Luke doesn’t want to do it, because his was so awesome at boxing in the Marines that he nearly killed someone with his awesomeness. Uncle Jesse tells him to get himself together and either to quit or fight. Luke wins, his alter ego somehow ends up dates the ring girl of the fight, humanity is saved, and the General jumps. Hijinks ensue.

Sponsorship Fastlane 4b: Instagram Lessons with Mike Finnegan (Bonus Advanced Lesson) -

References from this Video: Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income: Lewis Howes: Street Metal Concepts: Garret Reed: American Muscle HD Instagram Page: Interview on The MuscleCar Place:

TMCP #331a - Sponsorship Fastlane Preview: Instagram Lessons from Mike Finnegan!

As I’ve mentioned in the last few shows, I’ve decided to bring back Sponsorship Fastlane and open it up for a week! It will open on Monday August 28 and close on Friday September 1. I’m happy to say that this new edition features the same great content, with one big addition: Instagram lessons from Mike Finnegan! In this short podcast show I included a little clip of it.