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Robert Kibbe
Robert is the owner and creator of The MuscleCar Place. His passion for muscle cars drove the creation of this site and the podcasts that go with it.
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K&F Show #33 - Mason Dixon’s Girls – S2 Episode 21 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

Bo and Luke accidentally receive (and get caught with) the most heinous and immoral drug known to man in February of 1980: marijuana! An RV-living, motorbike riding, Trans Am convertible racing super stud detective named “Mason Dixon” is called in to chase them down and break up their drug ring…and he brings his two amazingly hot “associates” along who are the brains and the muscle of the operation. They all team up to catch the REAL bad guys in pure ham-bone car crashing fashion. This episode is one that you’ll want to watch, over and over, and over again, because it was meant to the the intro for a spinoff TV series that never came to be. Hang-gliders glide, cars slide and slide, and ladies butts are patted for a job well done (it was 1980 – still legal then, I guess). Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #32 - Return of the Ridge Raiders – S2 Episode 20 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

Guess what? We finally have shirts available! Glory be! Check out to order. Store closes June 19.

Do you know who Hugh Hefner is? Great. Imagine that Boss Hogg wants to compete with Hugh Hefner with his own line of “Pretty Piggy” waitresses at the Boars Nest, a business model which has a fairly obvious path akin to Hooters, Tilted Kilt, etc. To fund his empire he must reallocate the tax payer subsidized grant that has been allocated to the Hazzard County Senior Citizens Center, which Uncle Jesse is vehemently in the process of saving, despite the fact that he’ll never ever go there at any point in the future of this TV series. Anyways, his old moonshine gang called the “Ridge Raiders” are fighting Boss illegally, he tries to stop them, Bo and Luke get blamed, and yada yada yada. Solid episode, the General jumps (thank God), and hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #31 - Smokey and the Bandit!

======================================== As we announced in this episode, we need your help! We need some general info to give to potential advertisers. We know – it’s a pain…but it would seriously help us out. Click here to fill it out (please only do it once): ======================================== Welcome to Episode #31 of the Kibbe and Finnegan […]

TMCP eBay Pick - “The Perfect Power Tour Mobile? Sweet California ’68 Nova Granda Car…on Air Ride with an LS!”

One day each week we’ll list a cool project car or a nice driver for sale here from eBay Motors.  We’ll try to keep the price to a max of $20,000 for full driver cars.  For project cars, no more than $5,000. Visit us every day, or just click the flame to get it via […]

K&F Show #30 - Jude Emery – S2 Episode 19 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

If there were ever a perfect episode of the Dukes, it’s this one. Texas Ranger “Jude Emery” comes to Hazzard to track the leader of an illegal race car driving gang and (shockingly) recruits Bo and Luke to help him both find and apprehend the afore mentioned bad guy. Jude is super cool, travels with a suitcase that doubles as a guitar, and woos Daisy with his George Strait like charm. In return she wears hot pants and ends up saving he, Bo, Luke, and the rest of humanity in the process. Hijinks ensue. (FYI – Daisy is not wearing the uber-tight outfit in this episode that she used in Cannonball Run II. We checked.)