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Robert Kibbe
Robert is the owner and creator of The MuscleCar Place. His passion for muscle cars drove the creation of this site and the podcasts that go with it.
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TMCP eBay Pick - 1968 AMX

One day each week we’ll list a cool project car or a nice driver for sale here from eBay Motors.  We’ll try to keep the price to a max of $20,000 for full driver cars.  For project cars, no more than $5,000. “’68 AMX. Needs Work.” Visit us every day, or just click the flame […]

K&F Show #67 - We’re Live on Patreon and Our Final Season 3 Dukes Review: Episode 22, The Canterbury Crock

OK, two big things to share in this one. First, we’re now LIVE on Patreon and you can find it at! We have every desire to continue to do – and build – this show, and as we shared in the show….it hasn’t gone quite to plan. But, a number of you have awesomely offered (and even asked) to support the show directly, and Patreon is the best way that we know how to do it. You can choose from the three levels of support you’d like to do and we’ll be putting together something cool for those that choose to go this direct route! We’re building this airline as we fly it (or as we jump it). Maybe this is the point where things can go to that next level.

Here’s the second big thing; we just finished our review of the final episode of Season 3 of the Dukes. This episode is likely both the first and lat time that Julius Caeser will be referenced as a connection to the plot of the story (not a joke). Apparently a vase was commissioned by Cleopatra, it ended up in Hazzard County, and a fancy-pants art collector brings Sgt Tackleberry from the Police Academy movies to come get it. This somehow leads to Daisy giving Cooter flowers for his birthday, Rosco and Boss jumping the General Lee backwards down a cliff, and everything working out great in the end. And a widow gets her mortgage paid in there somewhere too. 10-corndogs all around.

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DUKES REVIEW: Do you remember Tuck McElroy, Lead Singer of The Good ‘Ol Boys and the driver in the Winnebago from the Blue Brothers? That’s the bad guy in this episode. And unfortunately, that fact alone is pretty much the highlight of this one too. Anyway, here’s the run down: Boss Hogg is kidnapped for ransom by an escaped convict, ‘ol Tuck McElroy himself. The convict had been imprisoned after Boss had testified against him at a trial, and he swore his revenge…which is what this whole episode is about apparently. The convict steals the General Lee, puts Boss in the shotgun seat, buys a log of salami, and then hides in a shack until the Dukes challenge him to a race (weird race – it’s the General Lee vs the Dukes, all of whom are riding horeseback). I made almost none of that up. 6 Corndogs.

As you’ll here in this episode, the Sponsorship Fastlane course is back! One student took the course last year and put in the hard work…and saw $10K in results back! Course is open until April 17, 2018.

K&F Show #66 - Corndog’s Charismatic Yet Terrifying Knowledge of the General Lee; Our Review of The Hack of Hazzard – S3 Episode 21 of the Dukes of Hazzard

======================================== Welcome to Episode #66 of the Kibbe and Finnegan show! If you’re new to the show, Mike Finnegan and I have taken our Dukes of Hazzard fandom and turned it into a full fledged automotive podcast Gong Show of sorts, completed with a full episode review from The Dukes of Hazzard. It’s every 40-year-old’s […]

TMCP eBay Pick - 1971 Plymouth Baracuda

One day each week we’ll list a cool project car or a nice driver for sale here from eBay Motors.  We’ll try to keep the price to a max of $20,000 for full driver cars.  For project cars, no more than $5,000. 1971 ‘Cuda, Decent Metal, Non Numbers Matching 383 and 4-Speed” Visit us every […]

K&F Show #65 - Finnegan Finally Gets His Charger – and Our Review of the Best Flying Winnebago Ever: Spaceballs

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MOVIE REVIEW: This is normally where we sum up the gift of the movie or Dukes of Hazzard episode that we had reviewed. This time though, we’ll focus on both Finnegan’s new Charger as well as the movie because they seemingly go hand in hand. On the one side you have a 1968 Dodge Charger that was configured to run in NASCAR in 1970….but it was never raced due to financial woes of the owner. On the other side you have galactic superheroes Han and Chewie…er, I mean, Lonestar and Barf cruising the galaxy in search for a solution to their financial woes. With the Charger, Finnegan can barley fit in the car without wearing a helmet, much less with one. With Spaceballs, Rick Moranis wore a helmet 24 inches in diameter that he could filter coffee through. And mutually, the both require a knock off version of “The Force” to make magic happen. 10 Corndogs all around!

If you made it this far, check out to get yourself a Kibbe and Finnegan Show t-shirt – and the hoodies are back! They’re awesome and all proceeds go to support the people and Dodge Chargers that make this show happen. Thanks for listening and supporting!